Shaping 2022: The Awe-Inspiring Events of 2021

Shaping 2022: The Awe-Inspiring Events of 2021

Each New Year holds the hope of a better future. Everyone looks forward to the New Year to bring more positive outcomes to their life. Sometimes, it can be hard to see, especially when the world seems to still be in chaos. It is important to look deeper and focus on all of the positive accomplishments and all of the good that came out of the past year. Today we will look at a few things that promise to shape 2022 into an amazing year!

Attention Animal Lovers! 

Although the list of endangered species continues to grow, some animals have come back from near extinction and are thriving as we head into the new year:

  • Tuna
  • Siberian tigers
  • European bison
  • Saiga antelope 

These species are proof that extinction is not inevitable. Conservation can be effective with support, determination and hard work.

Some species were reintroduced to their original geographic locations. There has been a global “rewilding” movement in place for years. But, in 2021, the effort reached its peak and the animals were released back into their intended natural habitats.

  • The jaguar was returned to Argentina’s Iberá Wetlands. This marks the first time in 70 years.
  • Tasmanian devils successfully bred in Australia for the first time in 3,000 years according to experts.
  • Colorado has excitedly recorded the first litter of grey wolf pups since the 1940s.
  • Beavers continue to breed in the UK
  • Wildcats were bred and then released in Scotland
  • Now a project to bring bison back to England is moving forward with enthusiasm. The animals are said to be scheduled to arrive in spring 2022.

This is especially good news for our environment. While some species go extinct because of natural selection, there are many that are dangerously close to extinction because of poaching and other disastrous man-made choices. We can do something about these choices. All of these conservation efforts have proven that we can take care of our planet and all of the species in it. We can make positive changes to benefit all life. 

Medical breakthroughs and developments bring hope to millions in 2021

Since the dawn of time, people have been dying from diseases that could have been prevented. Thanks to people who have dedicated their lives to studying diseases and developing vaccines and creating cures, millions of lives have been saved. But it is not a fast process. However, 2021 has been a  breakthrough year! Just look at all of these accomplishments! If 2022 shows promise in any area, it is showing that it has a potential to be a stellar year for medical science and the future of mankind. 

  • Finally a malaria vaccine was approved. Malaria claims thousands of lives every year in Africa. This is a tremendous breakthrough thanks to the doctors and scientists that have been working tirelessly for decades to stop this deadly disease.
  • Breast cancer has a vaccine in the works. The trial has officially launched in the US!
  • New “brain-reading” software has made history.  A paralysed man was able  to compose sentences on a computer for the first time. This has the potential to positively change disabilities forever.
  • HIV shots were approved for use in Britain. This can possibly remove the daily pill regimen for HIV sufferers.
  • A brain cancer drug has shown great promise and may be able to start saving lives soon.

All cancers may not be cured in our immediate future, but great strides will be made in the treatment and ultimate eradication of specific types of cancer in 2022. Since cancer remains one of the top killers of the human race, just knowing that there are new successful options is amazing! 

Learning From 2021: How Can We Recharge & Embrace the New Year?

The aforementioned inspiring events can be used to teach us a valuable lesson! When we look at our own lives sometimes we look back and it's easy to remember all of the pain and the hardships that we've had to endure. But, if we look at all of the good points, all the highlights that show us that we can make it through and that our efforts have not been in vain, these are what helps us shape the next year. One goal is to make it better than the last.  

How? We should focus on all of the situations and circumstances that we have conquered in life. No matter how big or small, those are the things that we should be reflecting on as we face this New Year. 

The wonderful milestones that have been mentioned here should serve as a beacon of light. All of the efforts that were successful in 2021, were once looked down on, and viewed as a “pipe dream''. But, now we see the fruits of the labor, now we see that these important ideas that had a positive and helpful goal produced amazing outcomes. 

Each one of us on a smaller scale can make positive goals for our own individual lives and families. We may not be bringing animals back from the brink of extinction or finding cures for cancer, but we can make positive differences in our own lives. 

Start small and set boundaries and priorities in your life. Be sure that your goals are achievable. There are a lot of free apps for your phone or computer that can supply you with positive affirmations to keep you recharged and focused daily. Try meditating in order to keep your mental and emotional avenues clear from negativity.

The reason this is so important is because if we visualize a healthier, happier New Year, we can achieve it. The only way to Conquer Life and achieve our goals is to focus on positives instead of dwelling on negatives. You have survived another year full of stress and drama. So, this year why not concentrate on how to eliminate those things and create a new perspective?

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