Shir Limazati Conquers Life

“Dogs are a man’s best friend.” We’ve all heard the expression. But dogs (and animals in general) can be much more than a friend. They can be the reason we get out of bed in the morning. They can help us adjust to new situations. They can help us regulate our moods. They can help us conquer our lives and all its obstacles– and get us through situations that we didn’t initially know we’d be able to handle. 

Shir Limazati has seen the impact animals can make firsthand. Facing emotional and financial obstacles, Shir moved to Chicago several years ago in hopes of a fresh start. 

Shir had a difficult childhood and past traumas she struggled with. 

“I grew up with a mom who would put me in front of the mirror and tell me how ugly I am. That’s how I grew up,” Shir says.

She also struggled with eating disorders, along with anxiety and depression. 

“It’s interesting that you guys are called Conquer Life–that’s kinda what I did. I really moved to Chicago to learn how to like myself,” Shir says. 

Shir brought her chocolate lab, Chance, with her to Chicago. Chance was the inspiration for the successful dog training company she runs now– Another Chance Training. The name of the company came from the belief that a person doesn’t just deserve a 2nd chance–but as many chances it takes. 

The success of Another Chance took time. Initially, upon her move to Chicago, Shir started dog walking in the city, and from there built her dog training business. 

“I spent all my life savings on getting a website and marketing material. I put out business cards at my dog walking clients’ homes and one person hired me. I was so nervous the first time I went to their home, and it just started from there,” 

Shir also built a strong Instagram following. 

“I really took a jump,” Shir says. 

Through this digital presence and positive word of mouth (Another Chance currently has a 5-star rating on Google, with over 50 reviews), the business has grown exponentially, with new clients having to join a waiting list due to high demand. 

“It just boomed. I honestly don’t know how that happened. I have people on a waiting list to meet with me in July. I have 60-75 clients at a time,”

And Shir runs Another Chance all by herself. 

It’s easy to see why Another Chance has been so successful. Shir goes above and beyond for her clients. She writes specific notes for each dog at every session for their owners to learn from and makes herself available 24/7 for her clients. “I also specialize in dogs that a lot of trainers don’t want to work with–dogs with anxiety and reactive dogs,” Shir says. 

Shir is the definition of a Conqueror. She practices self-care through weekly therapy, positive self-talk, and caring for Chance. “I put notes on the mirror every morning and write something positive about myself,” she says. 


Conquer Life is a media company and online community established in 2022 with an app that features resources, daily affirmations, talks on mental health, documentaries and much more. Check out for more info.


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